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The Girl Explorers: The Untold Story of the Globetrotting Women Who Trekked, Flew, and Fought Their Way Around the World (Paperback)

The Girl Explorers: The Untold Story of the Globetrotting Women Who Trekked, Flew, and Fought Their Way Around the World Cover Image
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Never tell a woman where she doesn't belong.

In 1932, Roy Chapman Andrews, president of the men-only Explorers Club, boldly stated to hundreds of female students at Barnard College that "women are not adapted to exploration," and that women and exploration do not mix. He obviously didn't know a thing about either...

The Girl Explorers is the inspirational and untold story of the founding of the Society of Women Geographers—an organization of adventurous female world explorers—and how key members served as early advocates for human rights and paved the way for today's women scientists by scaling mountains, exploring the high seas, flying across the Atlantic, and recording the world through film, sculpture, and literature.

Follow in the footsteps of these rebellious women as they travel the globe in search of new species, widen the understanding of hidden cultures, and break records in spades. For these women dared to go where no woman—or man—had gone before, achieving the unthinkable and breaking through barriers to allow future generations to carry on their important and inspiring work.

The Girl Explorers is an inspiring examination of forgotten women from history, perfect for fans of bestselling narrative history books like The Radium Girls, The Woman Who Smashed Codes, and Rise of the Rocket Girls.

About the Author

Jayne Zanglein is a labor lawyer and law professor, and the author of four law books.

Praise For…

"In riveting detail that builds to insightful crescendo, The Girl Explorers reveals feats and firsts of remarkable achievers who we'd already know if they weren’t women. It's about time." — Dr. Margaret Willson, cultural anthropologist and author of Seawomen of Iceland

"Jayne Zanglein’s THE GIRL EXPLORERS is both a celebration and a reminder that not only can women hike, climb, fly, and swim with the best of them, but they’ve been doing it all along...This well-researched and enjoyable book restores women to their proper place in history, which is: anywhere they want to go." — Melissa L. Sevigny, author of Mythical River and Under Desert Skies

"The Girl Explorers profiles intrepid women who dared to leave their skirts under rocks to boldly occupy space their male counterparts did. A compelling collection of intrepid women -- pilots, scientists, mountain climbers, social reformers, and more -- it uniquely celebrates the work of lesser-known explorers. Highly recommended!" — Kathryn Aalto, author of Writing Wild: Women Poets, Ramblers, and Mavericks Who Shape How We See the Natural World

Product Details
ISBN: 9781728239583
ISBN-10: 1728239583
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: March 15th, 2022
Pages: 416
Language: English