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Don't Delay! Order Your Holiday Gifts NOW!

This is the week to get your holiday gift orders in, especially for books. Why books in particular? Well, those most in demand are likely to sell out more quickly this year.

As the New York Times reported earlier this year, due to the pandemic many publishers decided to push back their Spring and Summer new releases to the fall. This has created a glut of books needing to be printed...on top of an already-existing capacity issues at major printing presses. Many press runs were smaller than they usually would have been, meaning they'll sell out more quickly, with little likelihood of a new print run until after the first of the year."

Add to this the delivery crunch. As the New York Times reports today, "[a]n estimated three billion packages will course through the nation’s shipping infrastructure — about 800 million more than delivered last year....By one accounting, 7.2 million more packages need to be shipped each day this holiday season than the system has the capacity to handle."

Already, many online vendors have set deadlines for this week (December 6th-12th) for guaranteed holiday delivery. So get your orders in now! The Literate Lizard Online is ready to help with your book gifts.