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Gift Card 01

Yes, The Literate Lizard Online has gift cards!

  • These are electronic gift cards which will be emailed to you, and you will be able to forward the email to your chosen recipient
  • The gift card can be in any dollar amount you choose, and the email can have a personalized message
  • The default image for the email gift card will be our Literate Lizard logo; other designs are available, such as those in the picture above, and others as well. At the end of checkout, you'll find a comment field to request a particular design
  • Gift cards are redeemed by putting the 16 digit number on the card into Gift Card line in the checkout process. Please note that a credit card will also be needed to place the order. It  will be authorized for the full amount of the order, but will only be actually charged for any amount due over the value of the gift card.
  • If you need assistance using a gift card, just reach out to us through our Contact form: or email us at