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Instagram's Nala Cat has a New Guide to Life

Nala Cat's Guide to Living Your Best LifeGrumpy Cat at the Book Expo in NYC, 2013Nala is the top cat on Instagram, with an astonishing 4,300,000 followers. What is it that makes Nala so revered around the world? Ummmm...because she's cute? This former shelter cat is cute, no question. Her owner, Varisiri Mathachittiphan, adopted her from a shelter when she was just a 6 month old kitten, and began posting pictures of her on Instagram simply to share with family and friends. But as can happen on the internet, Nala caught the eyes, hearts and souls of cat-lovers everywhere. Her fame has been put to good use, as whe works as an advocate for adoptive cats everywhere. Now, she is bringing her sweet personality to you in the form of a photographic self-improvement book, Living Your Best Life According to Nala Cat. It's coming out on April 7th from Penguin Random House, and you can order it now.

I suppose Nala Cat, filled with sweetness and light as she is, is the perfect cat for our New Age Sedona. But in truth, I was always more of a Grumpy Cat guy. Grumpy wasn't about to help you Live Your Best Life. No, No, No! She was all about pointing out how miserable your life already was, and how likely it was to get much worse. Grumpy also put her inimitable worldview into book form: Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book, published in 2013. It is still available to order, and let's face it: Grumpy Cat also fits into the Sedona mindset. Have you ever seen the fits of miserableness that break out on the various Sedona Bulletin Boards on Facebook?

Me with Grumpy Cat at the Book Expo in NYC, 2013Nala Cat's InstagramI was fortunate enough to meet Grumpy Cat in person back in 2013. Chronicle Books, Grumpy's publisher, brought her to the Book Expo in New York City that year. Book Expo is the biggest publishing trade show in the United States, filling the Javits Center every spring with thousands of Bookstore buyers like me, librarians, publishers and authors. Some of the greatest authors are there every year, autographing their latest books, but let me tell you, in 2013 no author had a longer line than Grumpy Cat. You had to wait a good half an hour before your brief photo op...but it was totally worth it! Alas, Grumpy passed away last May 14th, but her spirit lives on.

Whether you are a Nala or a Grumpy, we have the books for you, and we hope you'll place your order with us!